Hotel in Herzliya

דצמבר 1, 2017

The wonderful city of Herzliya likes on the Mediterranean coast in the Sharon place just north of Tel Aviv. It is conveniently linked to Tel Aviv and the rest of the country by Ayalon Highway and Highway 2. Herzliya is a remarkable city with pristine beaches, fashionable malls, a first-class marina and plenty to view and do. Along the coast of the Mediterranean Herzliya boasts a dynamic walkway with open-air restaurants, cafes, fashionable boutiques and nightclubs. If you want to be in the center of the country but enjoy the up-scale beach place then you should base yourself at one of Herzliya wonderful beachfront hotel.

Outstanding holidays in Herzliya

The Herzliya hotels enjoy major locations along the front of beach boardwalk and harbor. The Arena Mall faces the yachting marina, it is a destination for fashion lovers, families looking for leisure and diners who enjoy a top range of restaurants viewing the sea. In near closeness to the harbor you can find twenty four hour fun including gourmet, classy bars, cool enjoyment and strategically located inspection points where you can sit and enjoy the amazing sea views. When going in Herzliya you can guaranteed a stunning experience like no other.


Herzliya has some of the most amazing beaches in Israel, with white sand, a seafront, promenade, and charming boats sailing on the sea. The Accadia Beach, the biggest one in Herzliya sits next to some of the top restaurants and bars as the Bell Beach, which serves tremendous breakfasts directly to the seaside.

Water sports and surfing

The Diving Center and Reef Surfing is the top location to learn diving and surfing. The location is completely equipped and best surfers can find anything they want. Gazebo is a bar/restaurant but also a water sports club where locals can enjoy surf boards, paddle boards, catamarans, or kayaks, taking lessons or renting.


The Yama and Yam Bar are best for tasty drinks but also hot fun events and parties. If you love the surfing vibe  must visit Shama Ze Po, another famous place where all the surfers meet.

Hotel Herzliya

At Sharon Herzliya hotel you can enjoya  wonderful experience where urban prestige meets recreation and luxury. Take in the remarkable hotel design, sea views in all directions, perfect place on the doorstep of Tel Aviv and endless fun and business opportunities. Both business people and those on holiday will fall in love with the special experience provided at the new Sharon Herzliya hotel where business meets pleasure.